Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hells Fury! (XNA)

For the second part of the XNA course our teacher had some of us switch to the other teams project. I was among those that had to switch. The game I started working on then was Hells Fury. It was made to be an inFAMOUS style, action game.

Player character Neutral Model.

Player character Evil Model.

Player character Good Model.

End of game Boss.

Also, click here to download the game.

No Rest for the Wicked(XNA)

In our XNA course we worked in groups. For the first half of the project I worked on a game called "No Rest for the Wicked". It was to be a simple 2.5D action platform game. I was responsible for the getting the scrolling working and Placement of all of the trees.

Mage using fireball.

Mage special attack.

Character Select Screen.

Also click here to download the game.

Monday, 25 February 2013


This is my project for HTML5. I named it "Wheeler: Quest for Firestone". It was just a simple point "A" to point "B" game. You play as "Wheeler" and your goal is to reach "Firestone: King of the Tires".

Wheeler Download
Use Left and Right arrows to move. Use space to jump.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

3D Modelling with Autodesk Maya

For my 3D modelling course I just made a Weapon item for the game Defense of the Ancients 2(DOTA 2). Here are some screen-shots of the finished result.
DOTA 2 Sword

Another project for this course was to make a gun for an airship. Here are some screen-shots of the gun I made.
Airship Gun

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Other C++ Assignments

Here is another Assignment for C++. It is a Tic-Tac-Toe game which you can play with a friend or against the computer. The A.I. is very simple but can be challenging.


This is a simple guess the number game. The computer picks a number between 1-100 and you have to find out what that number is.

Number guess.

C++ Final Project

Hey everyone. My Name is Alex and I currently go to triOS college. I am in the Video Game Design course.
For my first post I have supplied a link to my C++ final project. It's a simple game called "Quiet Incline". I hope you enjoy it. 

Also, a map to go along with the game.